Bob Glaze (aka Cowboy Bob) born in 1942, first appeared on WTTV
in 1963 on Jack Noel’s (Bloomington) Happy Valley Show.  He joined the WTTV staff on June 6, 1966 as a camera operator on the Bloomington-based Bob Cook's RFD-4 and The Bernie Nicolei Breakfast Show where he also appeared.  His first appearance in Indianapolis was with Mary Ellen Reed when he played Harley Slarp, her boy friend on "Popeye’s Diner".  He was known as "Mountain Dew Bob" on Janie’s show when they did a Mountain Dew jingle together.  That lead to a Parade with Janie in Columbus, Indiana where he was actually deemed "Cowboy Bob" by a local businessman. Don Tillman hired him to replace Mary Ellen Reed's Lunch Time Theater and his show premiered at noon on January 7, 1970. Chuckwagon Theater was born!

A Public Memorial will be held at the Singleton Community Mortuary
7602 Madison Ave, Indianapolis October 1st from 1pm to 5pm
to celebrate the life of "Cowboy" Bob Glaze
(Click Here For Information and Directions)

Bob's wife, Mrs. Gail Glaze will be joining Sammy Terry for a tribute program
to be held at the Canyon Inn, McCormick's Creek State Park on Novemeber 19th.
(Click Here For More Information and Directions)

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